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Winter skincare: how party season affects your skin

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With Halloween gone and bonfire night done, it’s finally time to start ushering in Christmas and eventually the New Year! The season of family photos, get togethers with old friends, and plenty of social occasions is right around the corner, and naturally you want your skin to glow. However, because its party season, we expect a lot of people will be doing just that – partying. Late nights, cold weather, and some luxurious indulgence all team up on our skin and drain its glow and health. How do you stop your skin becoming dry, dull, and tired this party season and maintain a healthy glow while having fun? Here are our top 3 tips on winter skincare to keep your skin fresh this party season!


How alcohol affects your skin

We commonly associate party season with alcohol. Regardless of whether you are literally partying or just having your alcohol with dinner, the social occasions in which to do so increase over the festive period. Alcohol generally leaves you with dull, dry, and sometimes puffy skin, which doesn’t help your need for glow! Alcohol affects the skin in two ways. First, it dehydrates. When you’re hungover and dehydrated, your body directs any remaining moisture to your internal organs to aid their detoxing and function. This naturally depletes the moisture in your skin, leaving it irritated and inflamed. Also, most alcohol is pretty high in sugar. Cocktails and carbonated drink mixers (your lemonades and such) contain a lot of sugar, promoting inflammation in the skin. This then slows down your skin cell renewal and even destroys collagen fibres, bringing on the early onset of the signs of ageing. Remember to drink plenty of water this party season, both in the run-up to, during, and after your social events, and use richer moisturisers to boost dehydrated skin!


How Christmas stress affects your skin

Raise your hand if you leave some, if not the majority, of your Christmas shopping until the last minute. Any late-night Christmas Eve shoppers amongst us? Coupling the stress of Christmas – whether you’re hosting this year’s family festivities, frenzied present buying, or organising an event – with the cold weather, late nights, and alcohol really drains your skin of vitality. When we’re stressed, our adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol, which affects blood flow throughout the skin and damages collagen levels. This accelerates the ageing process and hinders skin cell repair, leading to skin fatigue. This shows itself as enlarged pores, dullness, and dryness, which doesn’t reflect light very well so quite literally saps your natural glow. Fight dryness with the same rich moisturisers you do for hungover skin, but also try adopting winter skincare products rich in Vitamin C. These products will boost your skin cell production, brightens the skin, and smooths rough patches.


How slacking on winter skincare affects your skin

Give your skin the TLC it needs and deserves this Christmas. Cold weather alone is another to warrant weekly exfoliation and richer moisturisers but combine that with everything mentioned above and its practically vital. It’s around this season that people start to slack on their winter skincare routines. Sleeping in makeup after a long night out or simply being too tired to wash your already-makeupless face are two ways of developing blemishes, blocked pores, and bacterial infections. This is equally important people who do wear makeup and those who don’t, because the first need to cleanse their skin of topical products and the latter need to repair any damage from harsher weather. Winter skincare treatments generally involve chemical exfoliation such chemical peels, which we already explored in why you need a chemical peel this winter. This treatment will help brighten, relevel, and maintain the health of your skin in drier and colder days, really helping you bring that perfect party glow.


Winter skin needs winter skincare, it’s as simple as that! This party season, try to be a little more conscious of how you treat your skin so that it may continue to glow all the way into 2019. If you’d like to find out more about our skin treatments, including chemical peels and microneedling in Totnes, Devon, enquire online or call 01803 864407 today. We’re always happy to transform skin at James Willis Faces!