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What affect would Lip Fillers have on my lips?

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James Willis Faces offer expert-led lip fillers treatments that give you more defined lips, a youthful appearance with a boost in confidence. But what are lip fillers and what are the effects?

Effects of treatment

Lip enhancement treatments are an excellent way to address the negative effects of natural ageing. As we grow older, our lips can begin to thin and/or droop due to the reduction in hyaluronic acid, but the Lip Enhancement treatment at James Willis Faces work to reverse this, by creating a natural-looking boost in volume with more definition. With fuller, more defined lips you no longer have to check for bleeding lipstick lines, and you can expect to have a brighter, happier appearance.

At James Willis Faces we achieve a gorgeous, rejuvenated yet subtle finish so that the only people aware that clients have had a treatment, are the client and the practitioner. Of course, we achieve the desired finish, but in a way that doesn’t dramatically impact the client’s appearance. We design our treatments around our client’s, so they will never appear out of proportion, ‘fake’ or ‘plastic.

Why Choose Lip Enhancement at James Willis Faces?

James Willis is an exceptional practitioner with decades of experience, in treating clients and training fellow practitioners. With extensive knowledge in anatomy, cosmetic treatments and passion to provide an incredible service, James Willis Faces is a fantastic choice for your Lip Enhancement treatment. As a professional who has been providing dermal fillers for over 20 years, Dr Willis can offer you a bespoke treatment that is tailored to your facial anatomy, and personal expectations in order to give you the best results possible.

If you’re looking to enhance your lips with an exceptional practitioner, please get in touch with James Willis Faces in Exeter. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the treatment or our surgery, as our friendly and helpful team will happily supply you with any additional information. We recommend booking in a free consultation in our modern, state of the art to gain more understanding into what Lip enhancement involve and how you’ll look and feel post-treatment.