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Why your skincare routine isn’t working

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It’s the first part of us that encounters the world around us, so naturally it’s affected by things we don’t even notice. Sun light and even pollutants in the air take their toll on our skin, so we should be doing all we can to cleanse and protect it. It’s important to keep a balanced, well-maintained skincare routine to optimise your skin’s health, but it has to be the right skincare routine. There are plenty of reasons why your current routine isn’t performing, or has stopped performing, and we’re here to shed some light on it.


Your skin’s needs

First of all, you need to consider your skin’s needs and how changes can affect it. Your skin changes as the environment and even the weather does. During the winter months or in colder weather, our skin can dry out very quickly. A heavy-duty moisturiser at this point is perfect for deep hydration, but you wouldn’t use this particularly rich product during the summer for fear of skin congestion. Lighter products are recommended during the summer months and hot weather, primarily to balance oils in your skin and not to aggravate skin that is affected by heat and increased sun exposure. Your skincare routine may not be delivering the results you’d like because it simply isn’t right for you at the moment.


Changing your skincare routine

It bears repeating that your skin is your body’s largest organ and is made up of millions of complex cells and processes. Because true skin change happens at a deeper level than just the surface, you need to give a skincare routine chance to work. Skin remodelling and long-term change happens at different depths and obviously takes a little time, more than it takes to just remove makeup or wash your face. If you’re not seeing results after a few weeks, then maybe this routine isn’t for you. Before this benchmark though, perseverance is key. You need to give your skin chance to adapt, rebalance, and react to your skincare regime.


Using the right products

High-street skin products may be affordable and accessible, but there are so many to choose from that ironically all do very similar things. Their huge variety doesn’t come with a lot of variety, funnily enough. Yes, they may have some superficial value in that they remove topical makeup or perform very light exfoliation, but a very high percentage of them don’t target overall skin health and remodelling. They don’t work beneath the skin, they just remove whatever happens to be on top of it. Your skincare may not be working because it just isn’t good enough for your skin’s needs.


Complex needs

When suffering from a complex skin condition and seeking help for something a little more than basic cleansing, you’re not going to see results from a high-street skincare routine. If your routine consists of the basic face washes found on shop shelves but you’re trying to tackle acne or hyperpigmentation, for example, you’re not going to find your answers. Your skincare routine isn’t performing, in this case, because you’re not using targeted enough products.


Consider professional products and treatments

Your skincare routine isn’t working because it isn’t right for you and your skin’s needs. There are plenty of factors that collide to mean you aren’t reaping the results you deserve, but you could be with professional treatments. For example, a course of chemical peels at our Devon aesthetics clinic can target active acne, hyperpigmentation, the signs of ageing, and tired or dull-looking skin. This combined with the professional skincare by Jan Marini available through us ensures deeper skin remodelling. Investing time and effort in your skin is readily repaid in softness, suppleness, and clarity.


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