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Skin pigmentation – What treatments are there?

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The beautiful beaches of the Devon invite people to spend ample time in the Summer months sunning themselves. Excess sun and not enough sun tan lotion can lead to a discolouration of the skin, that becomes more pronounced in your later years. This sun damage has an ageing effect on the skin, making sufferers look older than they actually are.

Here, at the James Willis Faces clinic in Devon, we see and effectively treat many cases of skin pigmentation caused by sun damage, as well as other factors that affect your melanin production. We can provide reliable methods of pigmentation removal that are non-invasive and require little or no downtime. Our treatments will give you a clearer, more even skin colour and contour, which will naturally take years off your appearance and give you more confidence in your looks. Let’s have a look at the options we provide:

Remove skin pigmentation with skin peels

As the name of the treatment suggests, a skin peel will cause your skin to peel, the surface layer at least. Your pigmentation will be residing in the top layers of your skin, so by safely and painlessly removing the top layers of our skin in a targeted area, we can remove the coloured pigments.

During the treatment a chemical solution will be painted onto your skin, before being washed off several minutes later. The peel solution will cause your skin to tighten over the following few days, before peeling away to reveal a new, fresh, unmarked layer of skin tissue underneath.

Microneedling in Devon

A tool which makes tiny puncture marks in the pigmented area, can help effectively remove skin pigmentation. The ultra-fine needles penetrating the skin will not hurt, as a local anaesthetic will be applied beforehand. The puncture wounds they make will trick the body into thinking your skin needs repairing in that area.

In response, your collagen levels and rate of cell regeneration will be increased, in order to supply fresh, more evenly-coloured skin tissue to the affected area.

Facials for hyperpigmentation

We offer a number of different facials from our Devon practice, but the best choice to reduce skin pigmentation is our proteolytic enzyme facial, which encourages an enzymatic reaction. In response to this, your pigmented skin cells will be digested. Although the process that is stimulated may sound complicated, the treatment itself is very relaxing. It lasts for half an hour and is suitable for men and women.

If you have a skin pigmentation issue that you’d like resolved, why not book a consultation with Dr James Willis, or one of his award-winning team? We’ll be able to advise on the best course of treatment for your individual skin complaints. Please get in touch.