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Nervous about Botox wrinkle reduction? How to tell you’re in safe hands

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Botox as a wrinkle reduction treatment is growing in popularity every day. You may feel that Botox would be the right treatment for you to help you get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles that are ageing your face but, if you’re new to Botox, you may also feel nervous about choosing the right clinic.

Something people often ask us is, “Will you be able to give me Botox without me looking like I’ve had Botox?” For people who’ve never had wrinkle injections there’s often a strong association with frozen expressions and A-list celebrities who don’t look quite like themselves any more. It’s such a shame these stories are so visible in the press because they’re ultimately stories of ‘over’ treatment, not Botox done well.

So, what is Botox done well? How can you tell that you’re in safe hands for your wrinkle reduction treatment? We think these are good signs and certainly what we practice here in our Exeter clinic:

1. A less is more approach

With Botox treatments, we always take a ‘less is more’ approach to wrinkle injections. It’s better to give you slightly less Botox than you think you might need, then invite you back for a follow-up appointment. At this stage, seeing what difference the Botox has made, we can decide whether you need a top-up. Our approach – and that of any practitioner worth their salt – is to give you an incredibly natural result.

2. Each area of your face is treated differently

It’s worth asking the person administering your Botox treatment how they inject the different areas. If the practitioner says they inject every area of your face in the same way, it can be a red flag. We would recommend that lines around your eyes, such as crows’ feet, are injected at a more superficial level and at an angle to minimise bruising and promote the best outcome.

3. Experience and qualifications

You should only consider having any type of wrinkle injection, including Botox, through an appropriately trained doctor, dentist or registered nurse in a clinical environment. We would recommend against having Botox through a beauty therapist who may lack the necessary clinical background and understanding of your underlying facial structure.

Dr James Willis BDS Hons (U Bristol) has trained extensively in facial aesthetic treatments, and is a member of the prestigious International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics, as well as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. James Willis Faces is also one of the very few clinics in the UK to be listed on the ‘Treatments you can trust’ register with the Government-approved Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS).

You are very welcome to book a free initial consultation at James Willis Faces, Exeter, to ask any questions you have about Botox wrinkle reduction? Simply call 01803 864407 or click here to book your consultation.