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James Willis Faces – The importance of using a professional Botox practitioner in Plymouth and Torquay

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There’s a huge black market trade in Botox at the moment, with inferior products being sold out of the homes, or garden sheds, by unqualified practitioners. How desperate do you have to be to allow someone you don’t know, or perhaps even your mate, to inject you with a toxin that has the potential to seriously and negatively influence your appearance for good?
It’s not going to bring you any benefits if, as well as getting rid of the wrinkles, it makes you look noticeably odd, or bizarrely unattractive. Although the results of Botox last for only 3-4 months, administered badly, you could suffer permanent skin damage, not to mention the fact you could be putting your health at risk by exposing yourself to such practises.

Why James Willis Faces near Plymouth and Torquay is a safe and reliable bet

Dr Willis has been delivering effective facial aesthetics treatments for many years and even trains practitioners himself. He uses Botox from reputable sources and adheres to HEE guidelines about how cosmetic treatments should be delivered, how cosmetic patients should be assessed and is in an experienced position to solve just about any problem that arises.

What does Botox treatment involve and how it can transform your appearance

Botox is administered by ultra fine needle in the form of anti-wrinkle injections into the upper face to smooth over forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet. The botulinum toxin that is used, will stop your muscles from contracting and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in this way. You will notice a difference in your appearance approximately 2-3 days following treatment and the full results of the Botox will be obvious 10-14 days later.

You should look rejuvenated, subtly less tired and more youthful; a look that will remain in place until you have your top up treatment in 3-4 months time. If you live in Plymouth or Torquay and you’d like to look younger in a natural-looking way, please give our team here a call to book your consultation. During this appointment your skin will be assessed with a view to checking that Botox is the right treatment for you and that any questions you may have are answered.