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How we treat thread veins

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According to the 2017 government poll into women’s health, 50% of over 50 year olds have thread veins. These are small blood vessels in the surface layers of the skin which have dilated and ruptured, making them visible. They look red and spidery and become bigger and more plentiful with age.


Although, the amount of thread veins you have is due mainly to your genes and the ageing process, there are lifestyle trends that can exacerbate them. Over exposure to the sun, drinking too much tea and coffee, spicy foods, and trauma to the skin can all be a cause.


They are unsightly and as they are associated with maturing skin, they will contribute to you looking older as well. Getting rid of thread veins will give you a more even skin tone and because of this, a more youthful appearance. Treatment is suitable for both men and women. Here at the James Willis Faces practice in Devon, we use diathermy to permanently remove the thread veins. This is a very safe and effective treatment. We can restore your skin tone to its former glory.


What is diathermy?


Diathermy is a way of cauterising the ruptured blood vessel to block the blood flow. A fine needle is used to introduce an electric current to the thread vein. The needle is attached to a diathermy machine, which administers the current. Usually only one treatment is required to remove the thread vein and make your skin tone even again. It has a 98% success rate and takes just 20 minutes.


On arrival you’ll be welcomed into our modern, friendly practice rooms and the steps of the procedure explained again. You will have already had a full briefing during the initial consultation with us. This will also have been a chance for you to ask any questions you might have about the treatment, or the sort of results you can expect to achieve. Dr Willis will then apply the treatment. You’ll be made to feel as comfortable as possible throughout.


After treatment, you’ll be given advice on how to take care of the treated skin area. A small scab will form where the needle entered the skin. You will be advised not to pick off the scab. The area may be red afterwards for up to 24 hours, but this isn’t cause for concern. Sun protection should be worn on the treated area, as the skin will be sensitive here.


Diathermy is a highly successful way to remove thread veins and give your skin a younger appearance. If you’d like to find out more about removing them, how easy it is, and how dramatically such a simple procedure can alter your looks, please get in touch to book a consultation with us. Our reception team will be waiting to take your call, answer any administrative queries and find a convenient appointment time for you. Get in touch now and you could be facing the new year with a boosted confidence in your looks.