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chemical peel in devon

Why you need a chemical peel this winter

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With winter coming around far more quickly than some of us would like (and not quickly enough for others), we’re preparing for a lot of upcoming celebrations. Christmas, birthdays, new year, there’s plenty of holiday cheer to be shared. Parties, alcohol, and late nights all take their toll on our skin, as does the cold and dry weather. But this is the period when we need our skin to glow! The season of family photos and family get-togethers can’t be marred by tired, dry, or dull skin, so here’s why you should definitely consider a chemical peel this winter.


Winter skin

During the winter, there are plenty of environmental factors that affect your skin. Some are self-inflected, such as alcohol, and some are just nature. Colder and drier days sap your skin of moisture, drying it to and making it appear tired or haggard. This is clearly not how we’d like our skin to look. Even when you’re inside tucked up nice and warm, your heating is on the air is still drying to your skin. Winter skincare is essential to your skin’s continued health, so you need to change up your usual routine too.


How a chemical peel helps winter skin

Winter skin needs more TLC than at other times of the year. Because of the drying cold, your skin can become flaky and dead skin cells will start to block your natural glow. Lots of clients choose to have at least one chemical peel in these months purely to shed these damaged, drying, and dead skin cells. A chemical peel creates a wounding on the surface of the skin, using controlled concentrations of acid to burn away dead skin cells. This is also known as chemical exfoliation, because it encourages the skin to shed these damaged cells in the form of dry flakes of skin. This process reveals a fresh and untouched layer of skin beneath that is youthful and fresh. These treatments are popular for those seeking dewy skin even in the driest of days and for those who feel winter is draining their moisture levels.


Changing your skincare routine for winter

Your skin’s needs change during the seasons, but winter might just be the most demanding season yet. Weekly exfoliation and richer moisturisers are encouraged to keep up the production and maintenance of fresh skin cells. More gentle cleansers are also advised, because stronger daily cleansers will only dry your skin out more. Exfoliation should take centre stage during these winter months, which is why we think many people would benefit from a chemical peel this season.


Chemical peel aftercare

Chemical peel aftercare is important to the development of your results and protecting your skin while it heals. Because a skin peel begins to remove the top layer of your skin, those beneath it are vulnerable to their environment. This is why moisturising is still very important, because you need to keep your skin moisturised while it repairs. Sun protection is also a big feature in chemical peel aftercare, even in the winter! Hyperpigmentation develops quickly and quietly, especially on skin that is a little fresh and vulnerable, so sun protection is a must.


Put a spring in your skin’s step before spring rolls back around with a chemical peel in Totnes, Devon. Enquire online or speak to a friendly member of staff at James Willis Faces on 01803 864407 today!