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Chemical Peel with James Willis Faces

In-clinic chemical peel vs. high-street peel

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The skincare market in the UK is huge and ever-expanding. There’s always a new cream, serum, or face wash that claims to be better than all else out there. One of the latest skincare products to appear on the high-street shelves is the safe-for-home-use chemical peel, which is a treatment typically performed by aesthetic and medical professionals. So, this presents the question that this blog post intends to answer: what’s the difference between a shop-bought chemical peel, and one performed in clinic with James Willis Faces?


Chemical peels have been performed for years, centuries even, reaching as far back through history as the Ancient Egyptians. They are an effective solution for plenty of skin conditions like lessening the appearance of fine lines, clearing active acne, and rebalancing the skin’s oil levels and production. These results are only achieved, however, with an in-clinic peel. High-street and shop-bought chemical peels can’t achieve these results, and here’s why…


Chemical peels with James Willis Faces in Devon are tailored to your exact skin needs. This means that depending on your skin condition or target area, we can deliver the exact treatment you need. When you buy a high-street peel, you buy what can be coined as a ‘blanket peel’. This means that it just acts in general to peel the very surface layer of skin from your face and isn’t tailored via skin types, conditions, or strengths. You won’t be treating a specific skin concern, you’ll just be gently and ineffectively exfoliating your skin.


High-street chemical peels also come in high-street-safe strength. This means that they come in a very diluted and weak form because they need to be safe enough to use at home and be administered by untrained hands. Their acid concentration is far lower than the professional chemical peel options we offer in clinic. Because of their lighter concentration, they don’t work to promote skin health or penetrate deep enough to make a difference to any of your skin concerns. They achieve a light exfoliation that removes the very uppermost layer of dead skin, so your skin may feel smooth immediately afterwards, but they cause no other real change. They won’t remodel or rebalance the skin, and your results won’t be long-lasting.


This is why we’re so proud to offer professional chemical peels. Our range tackles far more than just a few dead skin cells. Conditions like active acne, visible pores, and uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation are all able to be balanced and minimised by our professional peels. Even fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring are targeted. They achieve this by creating a controlled wounding on the skin, penetrating the first layer of skin and targeting not only the already dead skin, but also the overly oily and the damaged skin cells. They prompt the skin to remodel and rebalance itself, addressing oil imbalances and long-term change. It promotes a positive skin cell turnover to replace those lost that the body was negatively reacting to, and also promotes the production of new collagen. These proteins are essential to skin laxity, firmness, and the introduction of fresh volume, which is also why they’re an effective treatment for treating the visible signs of ageing.


Chemical peels performed at our aesthetic clinic will deliver far more effective results than the weaker options you find on the high-street. We tailor all of our treatments to you and your needs, and your skin definitely deserves more than a quick fix off the shelf.


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