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winter skincare james willis faces devon

Winter skincare: how party season affects your skin

Posted on

With Halloween gone and bonfire night done, it’s finally time to start ushering in Christmas and eventually the New Year! The season of family photos, get togethers with old friends, and plenty of social occasions is right around the corner, and naturally you want your skin to glow. However, because its party season, we expect… Read More

how to treat acne scarring

Is acne scarring permanent?

Posted on

Because it contains the word ‘scarring’, the phrase acne scarring sounds scarily permanent. When we think of scars, we think of wounds that couldn’t or didn’t heal properly so we’re sadly stuck with the cards (or skin) we have been dealt. We think they’re with us for life, when actually we can exercise some degree… Read More


Microneedling – the ultimate FAQs

Posted on

Microneedling is an incredibly advanced therapy treatment in which the skin is pierced thousands of times in a short space of time, through the use of tiny needles which are placed onto the skin in multiple directions. This act of minimal skin damage triggers the skin’s natural regeneration process, meaning skin is healed. This treatment… Read More

‘Everyone’s getting something done.’

Posted on

Scrutinizing the faces of celebrities almost seems like a hobby to the media viewers of today. ‘Has she, hasn’t she?’ is a game we are all too familiar with. No longer are we faced with shocking facial transformations of A- listers barely recognisable after they’re overhaul at Harley Street or Hollywood. These days the treatments… Read More

What are the benefits of facial peels?

Posted on

If your skin is looking dull or you feel self-conscious about imperfections such as sun damage, acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, patches or fine lines and wrinkles, then a facial peel could be an ideal treatment to give your skin a much needed boost.

What is the Cost of Botox?

Posted on

The popularity of Botox has grown rapidly over the last few years to become one of the most popular non – surgical procedures. Part of the appeal is that it’s not a surgical procedure and works very well to reduce wrinkles. It does not have the risks of surgery and does not cost thousands of… Read More

HD Brows!

Posted on

What are HD Brows? HD Brows have revolutionised eyebrow care to give everyone that extra look-good and more importantly feel-good factor. It’s much more than just eyebrow shaping… Eyebrows are as individual as fingerprints, and our tailored procedure transforms even the most unruly, sparse or over-plucked brows into perfect arches to suit the wearers face…. Read More

Before you Munch a Mince Pie or Bash open the doors to your Advent Calendar…..Consider This…

Posted on

SUGAR THE DEMON!     Wrinkles, altered pigmentation, loss of skin tone, open pores, loss of elasticity… we all associate these changes with skin aging. Age-related skin changes are the result of genetically programmed changes and environmental wear-and-tear on the skin. While both influence the skin’s structure and function, external factors cause more pronounced changes…. Read More