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'The practice' Category Archives

Depression | James Willis Faces | Plymouth | Torquay

Depression – Smile Your Way Through Exercise

Posted on

When you think of exercising it may be that you break out into a sweat before even attempting to pull on your annually used pair of white shiny trainers. However, if you knew the purely positive affects on your overall wellbeing, would those shiny new trainers become your new best friend? Depression is a key… Read More

Skincare treatments with James Willis Faces versus Home Treatments

Posted on

As soon as we begin to feel self-conscious about our skin looking a little older, many of us find ourselves investing in some sort of home skin care products in a bid to halt and even reverse the ageing process. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell what is and what isn’t… Read More

What are thread veins and how are they removed?

Posted on

If you’re in Devon and you’re wondering how you can get rid of thread veins, our West Country clinic, James Willis Faces, can help. Thread veins is the word for the broken veins that cause redness under the skin. They’re not actually broken veins, even though they are sometimes referred to as that, but rather,… Read More

Thinking about anti-ageing treatments are not sure where to start?

Posted on

Anti-ageing is a topic that a lot of people think about, but don’t really know what treatments are available and what would best suit them. In this article I will be talking about non-invasive methods which include Botox and dermal fillers. Having information about both treatments is the best way to start, but the decision… Read More


Posted on

We are just back from a 10 day holiday break. It is amazing what rest, sleep, relaxation and time out can do for the skin, body and mind. It not only feels good to just rest the synapses but it also reduces the cortisol and catecholamines in your body, they are the hormones released from… Read More