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'Skin Peels' Category Archives

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Could a chemical peel transform your skin?

Posted on

So many of us are self-conscious about our skin. It’s the largest organ of our body, after all, and it is our first barrier against sun, wind, and weather. Most people’s skin needs more care and attention than high-street brands can offer, which is where the humble chemical peel with James Willis Faces takes centre… Read More


How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Posted on

Do you suffer with acne scars? Sun spots and stubborn wrinkles? If you want more youthful, clear and radiant skin in time for summer, consider a Chemical Peel at James Willis Faces in Exeter. With over 30 years’ experience James Willis Faces is an excellent and trustworthy option to solve your skincare issues.

The Different Skin Peels Available at James Willis Faces

Posted on

A chemical skin peel can correct a number of dermatological issues. Choosing the right one for you is best done via a valuable discussion with your practitioner. There are a variety of different skin peel treatments available from the James Willis Faces practice near Exeter, which is why it’s essential you decide whether you want… Read More


Acne scarring and how it can be treated

Posted on

Given the size of the university student population in Exeter, you’ve probably noticed many youths walking along the street, covered in acne. Hormones and hereditary factors are a major cause of acne, but what these kids probably don’t realise yet is that their clogged follicles and erupting pimples, may well leave a scar that will… Read More