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'Microneedling' Category Archives


How Microneedling works for Ageing Skin

Posted on

The biological processes in the skin can really sap its vitality, health, and appearance. To rejuvenate ageing skin, sometimes treatments and procedures that reach deeper levels in the skin are needed to enact real change. Topical creams and serums are all well and good, but as the ageing processes continue to change the skin from… Read More


Microneedling – the ultimate FAQs

Posted on

Microneedling is an incredibly advanced therapy treatment in which the skin is pierced thousands of times in a short space of time, through the use of tiny needles which are placed onto the skin in multiple directions. This act of minimal skin damage triggers the skin’s natural regeneration process, meaning skin is healed. This treatment… Read More

How Could Microneedling Benefit My Skin?

Posted on

At James Willis Faces we continue to invest in the latest aesthetic technology and training, to give our clients a diverse range of innovative treatments with proven success. We are proud to offer Microneedling as an incredible tool to rejuvenate skin’s appearance and encourage the natural production of collagen.

Skin pigmentation – What treatments are there?

Posted on

The beautiful beaches of the Devon invite people to spend ample time in the Summer months sunning themselves. Excess sun and not enough sun tan lotion can lead to a discolouration of the skin, that becomes more pronounced in your later years. This sun damage has an ageing effect on the skin, making sufferers look… Read More