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'Lip Fillers' Category Archives

Dermal Fillers

Are Dermal Fillers safe?

Posted on

Dermal fillers are an incredibly popular treatment that can be used to augment your facial features and soft tissues in the face such as your cheeks and lips. With many people growing ever curious about dermal fillers, more and more questions are being asked about them. Of course, we are all aware of their capabilities… Read More

lip fillers - James Willis Faces Blog

Why you should see a doctor for your lip fillers

Posted on

With the booming popularity of lip fillers and their widespread acceptance as a quick and effective aesthetic treatment, no doubt you or someone you may know has considered them. Is there a specific person you should seek, and how do you keep yourself safe? Here’s why you should see a doctor for your lip fillers…. Read More

lip fillers devon

Things to consider before having lip fillers

Posted on

Lip fillers have swept the UK by storm with their popularity. Through various celebrity endorsements and candid makeup confessions, lip fillers have become more well-known as the lunch-time procedure they always have been. Honest consultation is always best before you undergo lip filler treatment, but there are some points and bits of advice to consider… Read More

Dermal Fillers | James Willis Faces

Dermal Fillers | James Willis Faces

Posted on

One of the most anticipated features of Winter is the party season! Many of us love any excuse to get in our most glamorous attire and attend parties with our loved ones. However, when you feel insecure and self-conscious about wrinkles it can negatively impact your confidence, and make social events seem daunting and nerve… Read More


What affect would Lip Fillers have on my lips?

Posted on

James Willis Faces offer expert-led lip fillers treatments that give you more defined lips, a youthful appearance with a boost in confidence. But what are lip fillers and what are the effects? Effects of treatment Lip enhancement treatments are an excellent way to address the negative effects of natural ageing. As we grow older, our… Read More

Five things you should know about lip fillers

Posted on

Kylie Jenner’s lips are big news right now, with more and more people wanting her full pout. Here at James Willis Faces, we’ll always listen to how you want your lips to look and who your celebrity influences are, but combine this with our understanding of facial anatomy and the look we feel will balance… Read More