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Medical Breakthrough for the Uses of Botulinum Toxin – Tried and Tested.

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I thought I would fill you in on our local news and views from us at James Willis Faces!

We have been super busy as usual, with new treatments, training other professionals and of course most importantly spending time with our lovely clients.

It has been a wonderful start to 2015 and have seen many of you from far and wide, from Devon to Denmark even!

We are now fully settled into our new clinic on Castle Street, Totnes and when we are not here seeing you lovely lot we are mostly off training other professionals the wonderful art of facial aesthetics!

The increasingly popular industry is furthermore expanding and is fast being recognised for its medical uses. We recently gave a lecture to students in Exeter covering many aspects of what Botulinum Toxin (botox) can do for medical complaints such as migraine, back pain, muscle tension, treatment for depression, jaw clenching, excessive sweating and facial tics. The body is made of between 50 – 60% muscle and therefore it is not surprising that we can treat so much using muscle relaxation medication (botox).

The Harley Street Journal have recently announced its latest study proving the longterm use of botox to be ‘safe’, this is such great news to us as medical practitioners, the professionals in Exeter were all so thrilled of the publishing of this literature.

Back pain is a massive nag in todays society, many of us sit at computers, desks, lack of exercise, time spent on the road, stress. We all feel the side effects of these at some point and unfortunately our central muscles are the first place to feels these strains and tensions. A popular treatment and the main topic of the lecture with our Exeter crew was the pain management of lower muscular tension. These muscles are large and one tense it can be hard to relax and strengthen them. This is where a simple treatment of Botox can really break the cycle and allow one to relax the muscles and ease the pain.


After being at James’s lecture in Exeter I decided I would try the treatment myself, being a sufferer of lower back pain for years due to muscle tension, poor posture and stress, I had tried all sorts, I also regularly practice yoga which helps but the constant ache was always there.

A few small injections which I did not actually feel, with a list of do’s and don’ts sent me home feeling hopeful for some respite from the tension. After a week I really began to feel the changes in my back. It felt relaxed, and just a feeling of how normal should feel! We tend to protect ourselves when we suffer with long term aches and forget what a relaxed state actually feels like! I would definitely recommend the treatment along with a healthy lifestyle and good exercise, not to mention the odd massage! So far it has been two months and the muscles still seem relaxed. Now I can strengthen the muscles therefore hopefully not return to the original level of tension.

Whilst we treat muscle relaxation, it is in no means a cure or remedy to undiagnosed back pain or conditions, muscle tension can be relaxed and this is usually a side effect of existing complaints or conditions.

Anyone wishing for more information, please just drop us an email or come to the clinic and have a chat! No one deserves to live with nagging pains, and botox could just be the answer!


Call me, Ali 01803 864407