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How Botox helps with the appearance of ageing eyes

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, then you want your soul to appear awake and youthful and full of life. What you don’t want to convey is that the inner you is tired or morose. Because the skin on our face is at its thinnest around our eyes, losing skin proteins like collagen affect this area most notably. How can treatments like Botox and dermal fillers help with the appearance of ageing eyes and dark circles?


Why the signs of ageing are most notable around the eyes

The eye area is often the first place the signs of ageing become visible. This is through a combination of the muscles in the area and through the natural skin thickness. Firstly, areas like between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet will naturally crease when they’re in motion regardless of age. The muscles beneath the skin are very expressive in these areas, and frowns are conveyed from infancy onwards and do not become ageing until they are exaggerated by thinning skin. As well as the active muscles beneath the skin, the skin itself contributes to how pronounced these lines become. Vital proteins, like collagen, are lost as you age and therefore the skin becomes thinner, causing it to sag and crease easier. In areas that are already naturally thin-skinned, such as around the eyes, this leads to the wrinkles becoming prominent there first.


Why under-eye bags and dark circles appear (despite a good night’s sleep)

Because the skin is so naturally thin around this area, it can make for some dark circles beneath your eyes. This is because there are a lot of blood vessels, veins, and muscles in your face that are dark in colour. They can sometimes show through the thin skin under your eyes as dark circles, and the thin skin can contribute to sunken eyes through its resting atop the bones beneath. These tired eyes and under-eye bags can be addressed with dermal fillers, which we’ll take a look at soon…


How Botox could help your ageing eyes

Through a combination of active facial muscles and gradually thinning skin, laughter lines or crow’s feet become more prominent as time goes on. While laughter lines are completely natural when smiling or laughing, the thinning skin in the area can exaggerate these lines and prematurely age the eyes. Targeted injections of Botox for crow’s feet help to soften the expressive muscles beneath, still allowing you to grin yet lessening the resultant fine lines.


A drooping eyebrow is a result of thinning skin not being able to properly the tissue and hair atop it, leading to it sliding downwards slightly. For some people, this doesn’t procure much of a change in their appearance, but for others it can add to the appearance of hooded eyes or a tired eye area. Micro-injections of Botox in this area performs a non-surgical browlift, lessening the muscles’ beneath ability to pull your brow downwards. Some patients enjoy adding a more arched brow in this area, while some prefer to lift the brow altogether for a more awake appearance.


How dermal fillers could help your tired eyes

It’s not just fine lines and wrinkles that prematurely age the eyes. Sometimes eyes don’t appear to be ‘aged’, but rather just tired. For clients of all ages, prominent under-eye bags, sunken eyes, or dark circles detract from their confidence as they can appear tired and haggard. Tear trough fillers help to fill the thin skin beneath your eyes to put a little more volume between the dark muscles and bones beneath that contribute to dark circles and the appearance of hollow eyes. Because this is a very sensitive area with lots of underlying skin structures, its essential you find a practitioner that is not only medically trained but also qualified to provide this advanced aesthetic procedure.


Let your eyes truly communicate how you feel on the inside: bright, awake, and full of life. Discover tired eye treatments with James Willis Faces in Totnes today, enquire online or speak to a member of our team on 01803 864407.