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Body fat removal in time for summer

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If you’re anticipating your holiday, daydreaming about weekend BBQs, or planning your wardrobe, you’re counting down to summer just like us. However, if you’re feeling self-conscious about your body then you might not enjoy these experiences as much as you could be. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, there are stubborn pockets of fat that we’d rather not have. Our best intentions can be thwarted by our natural biology, but James Willis Faces can help with body fat removal and skin tightening in Devon.


What are my options for body fat removal?


For stubborn pockets of fat, we’d recommend the unique and non-invasive Cryo Freeze. This technology uses a combination of cryo- and electrotherapy to reduce fat cells in the targeted area by up to 40%. This body fat removal specifically targets fat cells and causes them to crystalize without affecting the other structures in the skin. The body then recycles these broken down cells and disposes of them naturally. Typical treatment areas include the problematic ‘muffin top’, lower abdomen, and inner thighs.


For cellulite, we’re proud to offer 3D Shockwave treatment. This isn’t as scary as it sounds! This body fat removal treatment stimulates fat breakdown, fat reabsorption, and collagen synthesis to promote tighter and smoother skin. For cellulite, the sound waves stimulate fresh circulation within the fat layer, breaking down their cell walls. This releases components from the fat cells which fresh circulation and the body’s natural processes sweep away as waste products. It essentially breaks down and dissolves problem areas of cellulite. It can also act to tighten the affected skin, reducing the visible dimples and making the skin firmer.


For body sculpting, we’d like to present to you the 3D HiFu treatment. This treatment uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce unwanted fat in exceptionally fast treatment time. It uses high frequency ultrasound waves to deliver focussed energy deep within the skin tissue. This targets fat cells and heats them under the skin, effectively destroying the cells and tightening the skin. These damaged cells are then flushed away via a natural removal process in the body. This treatment can be used in many different areas of the body, sculpting stubborn pockets of fat into firm and smooth skin.


For overall fat reduction and larger treatment areas, cavitation is definitely your solution. This body fat removal technology uses a handheld ultrasound device that is swept across large treatment areas and applies pressure to fat cells. This prompts the fat cell to break down into liquid which is then processed by the liver, flushing it away as a waste product of the body. Amazing results can be seen from this treatment, with an average loss of 2-4cm lost per treatment. A course of treatments is usually advised, but we’ll help you decide how best to proceed at your consultation.


All of us should be looking forward to summer, but that can be difficult when you don’t feel great about how you look. If you’re experiencing body fat that you’d rather not keep but can’t seem to shift it, we can help. Contact our Devon clinic today to arrange your initial consultation and begin your journey to a summer you can guiltlessly enjoy. Speak to a friendly member of staff on 01803 864407 or enquire online today.