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How does body contouring work?

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There are two kinds of people: those who love the gym and diets, and those who do not. Even when we do exercise and watch what we eat, stubborn pockets of fat can still be incredibly difficult to shift, tone, and lessen. Particularly troublesome areas for lots of us are the thighs, arms, and abdomen, but surely there has to be an easier way than slaving away in the gym or investing time and money in surgery? You might have found an effective solution to stubborn pockets of fat… While nothing replaces a healthy lifestyle, sometimes our efforts aren’t reflected in the areas of fat that refuse to let us be. Introducing body contouring and 3D Lipo!


We offer many different treatments for body contouring here at James Willis Faces…


Cavitation body contouring

Cavitation delivers ultrasound waves through a handheld device into the soft tissue of your target area. The ultrasound applies strong waves of pressure to the fat cell membranes there, which disintegrate into a liquid. These liquids are then transported through the vascular system to your liver and is eventually flushed away with other waste products. This treatment uses your body’s natural processes stimulated by the ultrasound, so is entirely safe. It is typically a painless treatment that reduces the fat in one treatment area with results that get better and better with each session you attend.


Cryo Freeze

Cryo Freeze is a 3D Lipo technique that uses a combination of electro and cry therapy. The hand-piece draws and sucks part of the target area into its cup, freezing the contained fat cells and causing 20-40% of them to die. No other skin structures or tissues are damaged by this process, only the fat cells are crystalizing, and the dead cells are then drained from your body through your natural lymphatic system. This form of body contouring typically only needs one treatment per treatment area, but your results will take up to 6-12 weeks to develop as your body needs times to flush away the dead fat cells.


Radio frequency skin tightening for face and body

This treatment is not only suitable for tightening the skin on your body but can also be used on your face too! Radio frequency skin tightening selectively heats the skin tissue and cellular matrix to reinvigorate existing collagen fibres and stimulate the production of fresh ones. Collagen, as you may have heard, is essential to firm and youthful skin, and so its continued production is essential to keeping your skin full of bounce and laxity. This treatment is perfect for addressing loosened skin on the body, for example the arms or abdomen, as well as lessening facial fine lines and wrinkles. Because this treatment uses your body’s natural processes, your results will need time to develop. Treatments are advised to be taken every 6-8 weeks to reach your best skin quality possible.


This is just a handful of the different body contouring and skin tightening treatments we offer here in Totnes! Depending on your individual needs, your practitioner may recommend a series of different treatments to ensure we do our best to meet your desired results in your treatment areas. Find out more today, enquire online or speak to a friendly member of our team on 01803 864407.