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Skin clinic guide: understanding your skin type, Plymouth - James Willis Faces Blog

Skin clinic guide: understanding your skin type

Posted on

Are you confused by your skin type? If so, you’re not alone. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and changes in sun exposure, air pollutants, and even mental wellbeing can affect its health and appearance. When your skin is problematic, confusing, or can’t seem to make its mind up, seek the advice… Read More

Categories: Skin Clinic.

Who should perform your Botox?

Posted on

Many people may not know this, but there are only certain types of practitioners that you should visit for your injectables, especially Botox. It’s only ever safe with a medical professional, and we’re going to tell you why… Who can inject Botox? Botox is a prescription-only medication that can only be administered by medical professionals…. Read More

Categories: Botox.
Thread vein removal

Thread vein removal with diathermy

Posted on

Thread veins, or spider veins, are incredibly common in both men and women. They’re wrongly associated with old age and ageing skin, because those in their 20s can develop thread veins in their skin. While it’s true they can be triggered or more can develop during periods of hormonal influence such as pregnancy and the… Read More

Categories: Thread veins.

How Microneedling works for Ageing Skin

Posted on

The biological processes in the skin can really sap its vitality, health, and appearance. To rejuvenate ageing skin, sometimes treatments and procedures that reach deeper levels in the skin are needed to enact real change. Topical creams and serums are all well and good, but as the ageing processes continue to change the skin from… Read More

Categories: Microneedling.
Chemical Peels

A guide to Chemical Peel Aftercare

Posted on

A chemical peel, or a course of them, is a great way to transform problematic, congested, and oily skin. They’re a little more aggressive than your average skincare routine, which is why they’re capable of producing such transformative results. Because they need a little healing time, however, your skin needs a little aftercare to help… Read More

Categories: Chemical Peels.
lip fillers - James Willis Faces Blog

Why you should see a doctor for your lip fillers

Posted on

With the booming popularity of lip fillers and their widespread acceptance as a quick and effective aesthetic treatment, no doubt you or someone you may know has considered them. Is there a specific person you should seek, and how do you keep yourself safe? Here’s why you should see a doctor for your lip fillers…. Read More

Categories: Lip Fillers.
Botox vs Dermal Fillers - James Willis Faces Blog

The difference between Botox and dermal fillers

Posted on

Dermal fillers and Botox are both injectable treatments used to rejuvenate and refresh ageing skin, so is there really much difference between them? Actually, they’re very different in how they work, what they’re made of, and what they treat, despite being very popular treatments that are often used alongside each other. They’re both constantly undergoing… Read More

Categories: Botox.
Thread vein removal

How we treat thread veins

Posted on

According to the 2017 government poll into women’s health, 50% of over 50 year olds have thread veins. These are small blood vessels in the surface layers of the skin which have dilated and ruptured, making them visible. They look red and spidery and become bigger and more plentiful with age.   Although, the amount… Read More

Categories: Thread veins.
James Willis Faces Blog

What is an 8 point lift?

Posted on

What are the psychological effects of ageing? A study from Dunedin, which looked at the hidden pace of ageing, revealed that people who look younger are actually ageing slower. It’s well known that people who look younger are also more likely to look after themselves better through a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, so… Read More

Categories: 8 Point Lift, Non Surgical Face Lift.
a mature lady smiling after receiving botox

How Botox helps with the appearance of ageing eyes

Posted on

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then you want your soul to appear awake and youthful and full of life. What you don’t want to convey is that the inner you is tired or morose. Because the skin on our face is at its thinnest around our eyes, losing skin proteins like… Read More

Categories: Botox.